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Ice Ice Breaker! xD May 14, 2012

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So this blog is about ME! I’ll be talking about life and my 3 passions – makeup, food and singing! The blog’s gonna be random as well as structured so if I do surprise you (in any way *ahem*), don’t stop following! WARNING: I’m new to blogging so you’ll have to excuse my sluggish ways – my laziness is inherent. But stay tuned. I’d love to connect with y’all over the above. =D

So I’m 18. Indian. Just got done with my first year of Degree College or Univ as you may know it. Born September 4th, 1993. I share my birthday with my singing idol – Beyonce! ❤
I love to shop/window shop, eat, dress up/groom/do makeup/ accessorize, watch fashion, beauty and food-related TV shows, I like to read sometimes, I LOVE to sing, I have a flair for foreign languages and I LOVE LOVE LOVE DAYDREAMING!! XD

I'm currently studying psychology which is nice but my true calling is Makeup. I dream of opening a school one day. More on that later. This is all I can think of right now. So, who're YOU? Comment and show me some love. xoxo