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Down to Business May 15, 2012

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Okay. SO I’m gonna get started on food first.

I’m currently on a diet preparing for the big day — my sister’s wedding. It’s called the 4-week Countdown Diet by Namita Jain. It’s essentially a book. I just got done reading it and I’m already 3 days into the actual diet. And it feels good! 😀 Hopefully by the 12h of June I should be down a few kilos. Will post about the results as and when I see them. The diet is very doable BUT sacrifices must be made.
Today I went shopping for some great herbs to enhance the flavour of the food I eat so my diet becomes more interesting. A great tip mentioned in the book! I also bought a food magazine called Good Food by bbc entertainment. The show that goes by the same name on bbc entertainment channel is pretty well-known.
In that book I found the recipe for some traditional Madeleines <3!! I'm dying to try it out!! But i'll have to figure out a way to not let it ruin my diet. I still have till the weekend though. Unfortunately I lost my camera 2 months ago and my parents refuse to buy me another one. :p :$ So I wont be able to put up pictures of my madeleines in case i do come around to baking them but i'll work something out for you guys. 😉

My next post will be about Makeup. If you have any requests or wanna ask about a particular look pls pls pls comment (responses to these will be descriptive and textual initially due to the lack of a camera *sigh*). 🙂 I would just like to add that my knowledge of makeup results from years of watching the ladies of my house dress up before the mirror, youtube videos and finally, our trusted friend the Internet. 🙂
If you're not interested in any of the above or you're just too bored to bother or think, just say hi. 🙂
Other pls feel free to start a new discussion (clean ones only) about what you like to do in your free time or anything you would wanna share. Stay tuned and see you soon! xoxo

P.S — I've lost 2 inches on my waist and 1 inch on my arm as of now just through my workouts. It's been a month since I've been gymming now. I feel much more alive and can't get over the results!! xD


Ice Ice Breaker! xD May 14, 2012

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So this blog is about ME! I’ll be talking about life and my 3 passions – makeup, food and singing! The blog’s gonna be random as well as structured so if I do surprise you (in any way *ahem*), don’t stop following! WARNING: I’m new to blogging so you’ll have to excuse my sluggish ways – my laziness is inherent. But stay tuned. I’d love to connect with y’all over the above. =D

So I’m 18. Indian. Just got done with my first year of Degree College or Univ as you may know it. Born September 4th, 1993. I share my birthday with my singing idol – Beyonce! ❤
I love to shop/window shop, eat, dress up/groom/do makeup/ accessorize, watch fashion, beauty and food-related TV shows, I like to read sometimes, I LOVE to sing, I have a flair for foreign languages and I LOVE LOVE LOVE DAYDREAMING!! XD

I'm currently studying psychology which is nice but my true calling is Makeup. I dream of opening a school one day. More on that later. This is all I can think of right now. So, who're YOU? Comment and show me some love. xoxo